Risk Management And Lack Of Talent Are The Main Concerns Of The Cio

Almost unanimously, in the region, essential managers of the Systems are considered analytics and business intelligence (Business Intelligence or BI, by its name and acronym in English) as its competitive differentiation. This was done by 95% of the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of Latin America who spoke in the CIO Study report conducted by IBM around the world. The study was conducted based on interviews with more than 3,000 CIOs from 71 countries and 18 industries. Read more at talent risk management experts

Factors Of Concern

At a global level, the trend maintained a high standard with 85%. Especially among the petrochemical, consumer products, and healthcare industries. “The factors that are most worrying for the region are the market factors, but, secondly, there are people’s skills and talent,” says Pablo Pessary, IBM IT Strategy Consulting Services Manager for South America. The executive warns that the growth of the region in a sustained manner generates a vacuum in the talents and that the demands change: “we look for more business-oriented profiles,” he points out.

With more similarities than differences, among the directors of Systems of the region and worldwide, the study affirms that the vision of the CIO of the future is almost identical to that of the CEO: to strengthen relations with clients, to develop the skills of the employees and obtain vision and intelligence of the data.

“The challenge is to be closer and understand the business,” says Alejandro Gonzo Basso, CIO of the company dedicated to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons with operations in Argentina, Pan American Energy. “We must anticipate the investments and make the technology available for what the company wants to do,” the executive summarizes before IT Business.

Mobile Solutions

Among the trends that are coming in the cloud computing. 60% of organizations said they were prepared to adopt the modality in the next five years. “The initiatives involve generating deep knowledge, dashboards and database capabilities. Nine out of 10 companies will have projects of this type, “says Pessary. However, the IBM executive warns that, in the region, many firms do not have serious policies in this regard. “They still have to leap investment,” he says.

However, unlike the global trend, CIOs in the region are more focused on risk management. “In our case, in the oil industry, risk management is something core. Accident logy is something we take in a special way. In fact, there is a specific area for that, “says Gonzo Basso. “The cost of making a change and leaving the whole organization without a critical system is a very high risk,” he adds.

Regarding mobility solutions, the Big Blue survey detected a preponderance in the travel (91%), media and entertainment (86%), energy and public services (82%) sectors. These solutions are considered by almost three-quarters of CIOs (74%), as a factor that changes the game of business.